What Is Generic Pnp Monitor Driver

Essentially, it stores information such as settings, parameters, and values of software and hardware on all modern Windows operating systems. All operations that are performed on your computer, such as installing an application, accessing a website, etc., are done by the user. Sometimes it is recommended to remove registry items that do not work in Windows because they can slow down your computer. Click on this post from Techquack for solutions. Remove unnecessary registry entries and restore missing files and ActiveX extensions using a registry cleaner. After following these seven steps, your process of run automatic repair for fixing registry error is done here. Remember that after the completion of the automated repair, your computer may reboot automatically, so don’t panic, rebooting is also a part of this process.

  • The Windows registry is a huge database of settings — both for Windows itself and for programs you install.
  • Double click the “Computer” icon on the desktop and find C drive.
  • They can do a better job than Windows’ built-in tools for removing apps because they monitor what changes are made when an app is installed so all traces can be removed.

A new window with a list of installed apps will appear. From that, find the problematic program that causes the bad image error. windows 7 error 0xC0000374 Give permission to the hard drive checker to identify issues on your device. Repair any found problems automatically and attempt to shut down your computer afterward. Check Disk is the tool in question and often Windows will automatically run a scan using Check Disk on Windows startup if it thinks one is needed. If you want to manually run Check Disk to fix suspected errors, there are a few ways you can do it. Here we show a variety of different methods to get Check Disk running.

Wait for the process to be completed and check to see if the broken items are removed. After selecting the restore point, click on the Scan for the affected programsbutton on the System Restore panel. This will open the run box and there you need to type “regedit” and then simply press enter. Below, we have shared some of the basic methods to deal with various Windows Registry errors. You should occasionally confirm that your Windows computer is devoid of broken items in the registry. Doing so will positively impact your PC’s performance, particularly if your computer is running slowly or if some system apps are not working correctly.


During the development, Microsoft shipped three community technology previews . Microsoft made these releases available to the public. The last CTP release of Windows PowerShell v2.0 was made available in December 2008. Release Candidate 1 of PowerShell was released at the same time. A significant aspect of both the name change and the RC was that this was now a component of Windows, rather than a mere add-on.

From there, select “finish” and your system will restore to the point prior to the change. Windows allows you to check your hard drive for errors so that these errors can be repaired. This is called the chkdsk.exe or Check Disk utility. This is a task that can be easily automated with Task Scheduler. This does require rebooting to complete, so it is probably ideal to simply trigger the disk checking utility manually from time to time. If this is something that you are not going to remember or care to do on a regular basis, perhaps it will be useful to schedule it to run automatically at set intervals.

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It is based on the modification created by a user named Edwin at the Tenforums. The procedure remains the same as what we used on Windows 10 earlier. The Photos App isn’t bad at all, in fact it comes with a built-in Video Editor, and I think it is quite useful. The main reason why people do not like the Photos app is due to its performance. It is rather sluggish to open, it takes an extra second or two to load, even when you are trying to view images which are just a few KB in size. The interface may appear slightly confusing, if you are coming over from Photo Viewer.

In addition, there will be several broken entries in the registry. The Windows registry is not perfect because it tends to accumulate empty and corrupt registry entries. The Windows operating system creates new registry entries every time you boot and use your PC. The problem is that Windows often fails to remove old, unnecessary registry entries.

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